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add me on discord im jesshh#0087

uhh yeah idk I really wanna do more comms so yeah

I only accept points
if you don't know how to gift points, go to my page and press gift to give points

cake by Jesshh GETS SWEATY AND NERVOUS by Jesshh hi by Jesshh

just fill in this info below when you commission me:
fandom or original oc:
body type:
pose and/or expression:
other info:

some rules
- I only do white backgrounds
- your character will be literally white if their race is white but if they're another race then they're not going to be literally white, they'll be the color you made them

what I WONT draw
- no porn, sexual shit or nsfw
- no hate art
- no nudity
- I cant do gore or blood
- no canon characters (spongebob, pinkie pie, ect)
- no fetish art
- mecha
- mlp
- feral
- sonic ocs

what I WILL draw
- ocs
- most anthro or furries
- bright colors or any colors
- humans/humanoids
- other species (ask)

ok guys the style im drawing in lately is my chibi I did not change my style

sorry im just very self conscious about that and I really love my main style
why are late 90s-early 2000s PSAs so depressing and disturbing.. sone even scary

like I saw this one with a cartoon child called "real children don't bounce back" and it made me cry..

and another that made me cry was a "fruit e bar" one where a mom was advertising a treat around her little kids and tHEN SHE FUCKING FELL INTO A GLASS TABLE AFTER TRIPPING ON A TOY TRUCK.. and she just started crying and it just scared me so badly because of the sudden mood change while everyone in the comments said they were laughing but also felt bad while I just cried..

these are so affective and they can really convince people to stop doing things mentioned in them
so.. I have this friend named sentipai and I wanted to give him some attention because hes so unknown on here

open adopt by Jesshh
animal adopts (1/2 OPEN) by Jesshh
random adopts (CLOSED) by Jesshh
hey ummm... sorry for this journal spam but im really sorry about my old offensive and whiny journals.. I was emotionally immature back thenn
hey sorry.... for all the vents

if I don't make vents and just stuff this shit inside me, ill fucking scream my ass off until my lungs hurt huhhhuunggggggggggggggggg
umm so im gonna be dumb again and like.. do a thing bc I either want to give my friend more core or give someone else core so..

heres some examples of my busts (that are current jfc)

new oc by Jesshh ooh boy by Jesshh gyou by Jesshh

im only doing these like the one in the middle where its cut off and the coloring doesn't just end if that makes sense.. im also only doing white backgrounds sorry

1. barabarks 
2. jakersuit 
8:37 pm on 6/9/2017:

I fucking hate my art right now and I don't know why

I want to cry in the bathroom like a pussy